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Matalan Opening Times

⚠ All hours are estimates only

Different branches follow different Matalan opening times but some of the standard times of the store is as follows.

Weekdays: during the weekdays, the store follows a standard time of 9 am to 8 pm.

Weekends: Matalan has a slight different times on weekends. Saturday: on Saturdays, the store operates from 9 am to 7 pm. Matalan opening hours for Sundays are from 10:30 am to 5 pm.

Christmas Eve: Except for some branches such as Cumbernauld, Oxford Street, Perth which follow different times, Matalan opening hours for all others branches is from 8 am to 4 pm.

Boxing Day: The standard Matalan opening times for Boxing Day is from 6 am to 8 pm with some exceptions such as branches of Perth, Lancaster, Hertford.

New Year Day: All Matalan Stores are opened early on New Year’s Day for all the sales that start on new year.

Matalan store front in the UK

Expected Delivery Times Of The Matalan Store:

Since most of the people were opting for online shopping due to the lockdown situation, delivery could take longer than usual. The expected delivery times could be up to 10 days.

Therefore when the stores reopened, you should check out Matalan opening times before visiting them. This would help you to avoid any inconvenience.

Matalan is a store based in British and deals in fashion and homeware. The main objective of Matalan Store is to provide quality services and products to its customers. The store started its services in 1985 and is working successfully for over 30 years. John Hargreaves founded the Matalan Store and the Hargreaves family still owns the store. It has 230 stores all over UK and owns many franchises in Europe and Middle East up-to 32. Over 13000 employees are working for the Matalan Store. These stores provide everything under one roof to customers which is why customers like to shop here.

Location Of The Store:

The first Matalan Store was founded in Lancashire near Preston, Bamber bridge. In 1997, the headquarter was moved to Skelmersdale from Bamber bridge which is also located in Lancashire. Apart from this, the store has 230 stores located all over UK and 32 international branches in Middle East and Europe. 9 shops can be found alone in London which is largest for any city. Apart from London, some other cities in which the shops are located are Manchester and Glasgow where 4 shops are located, Edinburgh and Newport where 2 shops are located.

Matalan Opening Times Due To COVID-19:

All the branches of Matalan Store were closed temporarily because of the on going COVID-19. But the online shopping option was available on their website.

Offering HOME Delivery Due To The Lockdown:

For the safety and well-being of customers, employees and colleagues all the Matalan Stores were temporarily closed. But they were offering the service of online shopping through their website.

Their online business carefully follows all the instructions from the government related to the safety of consumers and employees. They try to make sure everyone stay safe. Since the online shopping option is available, they are also offering home delivery to the customers. Delivery could take longer because of the huge number of orders pouring in.

Last updated: August 22nd, 2020
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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