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Greggs Opening Times

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Greggs is an extensive bakery chain in the United Kingdom which is known for serving several mouth-watering baked goods and snacks such as sandwiches, pastries, doughnuts and many others. It was established in 1939, where John Gregg had been the founder of it. If you want to visit your nearby store, you must be first aware of Greggs opening times.

Receiving a large number of visitors every day, Greggs opening times and the duration for which the store remains opened must be ample enough for the customers to visit and avail their favourite snacks.

Opening Times of Greggs during Weekdays and Weekends

On weekdays, i.e. from Monday till Friday, Greggs store opens at 6.30 am till 6 in the evening, for almost 12 hours. The weekend times are a bit different from the rest of the week.

On Saturdays, however, the same times are followed, where the store remains open from 6.30 am and closes at 6.00 pm.

There is a slight change in the opening hours of Sunday, where the shop opens at 9 am and is shut down by 4 pm. However, some cities of the UK, such as Westminster and Newcastle have Greggs stores which open till late, usually till 9 pm or 11 pm.

Greegs Logo Slogan: Always Fresh. Always Tasty.

On Which Holidays Does Greggs Open?

There are a few holidays on which the store may not get closed, but the duration for it remains open is short. Occasions such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, are the ones in which the store stays open. Even on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Labour Day, the store does not close; only the opening hours are reduced. Moreover, on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day, Greggs stays open. Also on Bank Holidays, which occur eight times a year in the United Kingdom, the Greggs store opens for a shorter duration, and the opening times are not the same for the stores in different regions and cities.

To avoid the hassle, one can seek help from the store locator available on the official website of Greggs. This will assist the visitors from knowing whether their local store will open or not and for how much period.

On Which Public Holidays The Store Remains Closed?

There are a few public holidays where the store does not open at all. These include the New Year Day and the Christmas day. On other important holidays, such as Thanksgiving Day, Boxing Day and Easter Day, the store remains closed.

Greggs Near Me

Where Are The Greggs Stores Located? There are above two thousand outlets of Greggs stores in the United Kingdom. Regions and cities such as Bradford, London, Birmingham, New Castle, North Ireland, Glasgow, and Manchester have a lot of branches of the Greggs store.

Here you can find Greegs near me:

Was the Store Open During The Virus Outbreak?

For the cause of social distancing and taking precautionary measures to prevent spreading of the coronavirus, all branches of the Greggs store had been closed shortly, for a certain period. The Greggs store was selling bakery items online initially, but then, at the end of March 2020, it had entirely wrapped up its online services as well.

Greggs store is a place which captures the attention of a great number of customers and food lovers. Its opening times are feasible for the customers to have enough time to grasp their favourite meal. To know more about Greggs, you can visit the website https://www.greggs.co.uk/.

Last updated: August 20th, 2020
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