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Pizza Hut to Start Delivering Beer and Wine

You may soon be able to order beer or wine with your next pizza order. Pizza Hut recently announced that it is offering beer & wine delivery with its pizza orders in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Their plan is to eventually roll it out to the rest of country in the coming year. So, this can be a huge plus for many people who would like to enjoy a beer or glass of wine with their pizza.

The initial rollout will include just beer, with wine being added to the menu option sometime in January. One of the things that makes it possible for Pizza Hut to offer this option is because many of their restaurants already offer beer & wine sales. This just seemed like the next logical step since many people see wine and beer both go well with a slice of pizza.

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Competition is tight

Pizza Hut has been feeling plenty of heat from its major competitors in most markets all across the country. This is one way that they see that they gain a decisive advantage over its primary competitors like Domino's and Papa John's Pizza. Since neither one of them operate sit down style restaurants it would be difficult for them to establish a similar offering.

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The Yum Brands, the parent company of Pizza Hut has been pumping in a whole lot of money into its Pizza Hut brand in order to compete with Domino's and Papa John's. Being able to offer beer & wine to its delivery customers is a pretty big deal and without a lot of infrastructure changes, it does not seem likely that Dominos and Papa John's would be able to match it.

Adding Beer to Delivery Menu

Pizza Hut's beer delivery menu option in its Phoenix-area restaurants will feature four different beer choices; Budweiser, Bud Light, Top Shock, and Kilt Lifter. However, according to a company spokesperson, there would be other regional beer choices depending on the location of the restaurant. Wine will be added soon with single serving and full bottle options being planned for the rollout.

As competition for customers continues to heat up in the restaurant business, there is likely going to be continual evolution and innovation throughout the industry. Fortunately, the real winners will be the customers as the companies continue to battle for the consumer's dollars. I order to be able to win over consumers they have to offer them more of an incentive to change. For the restaurant industry that can come in a number of different forms and varies depending on what part of the country the restaurant is located.

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