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AT&T Stores Use Special Promotions to Lure in Customers

With Black Friday behind them, AT&T stores all across the country will be looking for ways to lure shoppers into their stores in order to keep sales flowing and the cash registers ringing. This usually means they have to figure out how to best market their top selling items in order to get buyers through the door and hope that they are in the mood for other stuff.

Like so many other service providers, AT&T is having to constantly ensure that they have all of cutting edge phones, tablets and accessories in stores in order to keep the customers coming through the doors. They always have plenty of the latest phones and other mobile devices from the leading manufactures like Apple, LG, Samsung and many, many more.

The key to AT&T’s success over the years is the use of special promotions and this is especially true around the holidays. With so many of the manufacturers releasing new versions of their most popular smartphones and tablets, AT&T is able to create specially designed bundles that include generous discounts on the purchase of certain smartphones along with airtime packages.

Some of these special promotion packages might include generous data plans which allow sharing of several GB’s of data usage by the plan members. They also might include serious discounts on the the latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung and LG in order to entice more new customers to come into the store.

As one largest airtime providers they are able to leverage their position and offer better packages with the latest technology from the leading smartphone and other mobile device makers on the market. Being able offer better pricing, they are able to lure customers over from other service providers and build their customer base.

Check Out these 3 AT&T Special Promotions 

  • Currently you can get a $100 Visa Gift Card with purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S7.
  • Get a Free Latest LG Pad X 10.1 a $197.49 value If you get on a 2 year Agreement by purchasing either a LG 5 or a LG V20 !
  • For just $50 a Month, you can get a Direct TV for you entire household ! with 4 receivers that includes HD DVR. There is no start up or equipment fee. This offer also includes 3 months of Showtime, HBO, CineMax and StarZ. You will also receive a $200 Visa Gift Card If you entered into a 24 month agreement.

Even though there are a number of players in the telecommunications business arena, AT&T is still one of the most recognizable names and that still does give them a bit of an advantage over others in the market. However, if you think for a second that they would rest on their laurels and not realize that if they blink, they could easily fall behind, you would be sadly mistaken.

Along with all of the latest mobile devices AT&T customers have full access to all of the other AT&T branded products and services that the company has to offer its customers. These include all of the digital, dish and cable services that their customers have been accustomed to over the years.

So, if you are looking for a new provider that carries all of the latest phones, tablets and airtime plans, you cannot go wrong by checking out the AT&T Store near you.

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