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Best Buy Anticipating Something Really Big From Microsoft

Best Buy always wants to be of the forefront when it comes to giving its customers the best in consumer electronics. Whether you are talking about the latest and greatest TV’s, smartphones or even gaming consoles. They offer all of the most popular brands from the leading manufactures in all the different types of electronics.

National electronics retailers like Best Buy are magnets for consumers looking for the latest trends in electronics from all the top manufacturers. Back in the day, people would stand in lines that would virtually wrap around the building for the earlier gaming consoles. Now, with so many different ways to purchase them, consumers are a lot more savvy, this means retailers have to rethink things.

When it comes to gaming consoles, the two brands that stick out most are Microsoft be XBox and Sony’s Playstation. They have been leading the gaming console market for quite some time and if the newest version of the XBox is even close to what is being talked about, Best Buy will have a heck of a product to offer to everyone who walks through its doors.

Dubbed Project Scorpion

According to Microsoft they are anticipating the release of this new gaming console holiday season of 2017. Nothing like trying to build a mountain of buzz around a platform that has been one of the top sellers in the gaming industry since the first xbox was launched back on November 15, 2001. Since then, they have had to stay ahead of its close competitor, Sony’s Playstation franchise.

Microsoft is developing one of the most advanced gaming consoles ever conceived and with the way the software developers keep pushing the envelop with the advancement in technology, it will take one heck of machine to be able to keep up. Apparently, the engineers at Microsoft think that they have found a winning combination.

This new gaming console currently being developed is promising to be the best, fastest and most
powerful of all gaming consoles. It features a more powerful processor, more memory and cutting edge 4 K graphics that will simply blow you away. It will much more storage capacity, which with the ever expanding size of today’s video games, you will need to have all the storage you can possibly get.

Best Buy and other electronics stores rely heavily on new and trending products to help drive more customers through their doors. The Xbox from Microsoft is one of those brands that helps to keep the console gamer coming to Best Buy, they offer all the latest games and all the available gaming console accessories. With the anticipation of the new Xbox 2 console, you can be sure that Best Buy will be stocked and ready for the upcoming release date as soon as Microsoft decides to pull the cover off of it.

Keep an eye out at your local Best Buy to see when Microsoft plans for the big release of the latest version of the wildly successful XBox franchise. They will no doubt have signs posted throughout every store announcing the pending release and availability the console.

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