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TJ Maxx hours can often vary depending on the particular location of a store, although the do follow traditional retail hours for the most part. Most TJ Maxx hours can change slightly, but it is usually just an hour or so difference for opening and closing times.

MONDAY9:30 am-9:30 pm
TUESDAY9:30 am-9:30 pm
WEDNESDAY9:30 am-9:30 pm
THURSDAY9:30 am-9:30 pm
FRIDAY9:30 am-9:30 pm
SATURDAY9:30 am-9:30 pm
SUNDAY11 am-8 pm

TJ Maxx Hours due to Corona

T.J. Maxx hold dedicated shopping hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am-10 am for seniors (60+) and those who are at greater risk. Please click here for the specific hours of a T.J. Maxx near you.

What Time Dose TJ Maxx Open?

When it comes to opening times, TJ Maxx hours are very similar in most locations. In fact Mondays to Saturdays all feature the exact some hours of operation, with their opening times starting at 9.30am.

TJ Maxx Sunday hours are the only real difference to open hours, with a slightly later time of 11am.

What Time Does TJ Maxx Close?

As with their opening times, TJ Maxx hours for closing are very similar on most days, with Mondays through to Saturdays all closing at the same time of 9.30 pm. Again, TJ Maxx hours on a Sunday are different, closing at the earlier time of 8 pm in most locations.

TJ Maxx Locations

There are plenty of TJ Maxx locations up and down the nation, making it more than likely that there will be one nearby to where you live. Even if you are travelling out town or state, you will still be able to find multiple TJ Maxx locations!

If you are unsure of your nearest TJ Maxx or want to inquire about a stores hours of operation, using their store locator can be very useful.  By entering your zip, state or city, you can find several TJ Maxx locations in relation to your search.

Last updated: January 23rd, 2021
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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13 thoughts on “TJ MAXX Hours”

  1. When will TJMAXX open in Venice, Florida again? Now some stores are open. I miss TJMAXX now that it is closed because of the Pandemic. The store needs to open soon, please.

    • Dear Judy,

      Many of Venice avenue merchants are already open for business. As Florida state re-open businesses, T.J. Maxx will re-open their own stores.

      T.J. Maxx Store Locator will serve as the best source of information about when specific stores plan to re-open.

      Thank you for your patience.

    • Can you just list all the stores that are open in each State. It would make it easier for EVERYONE instead of asking the same question for our own areas.

      I would like to enter in California and get the results of which stores are open in each State. Instead it makes me put in my zip code and then it says the stores near me are closed. I already know that. What if I’m willing to drive to a store that’s not near me.

    • Mercy, we don’t have the exact date of when T.J. Maxx will open. We recommend checking T.J. Maxx website > Store locator.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have a date when stores will open. TJ MAXX is updating the official website daily. You are advised to check TJ MAXX store locator, type your zip code and check for updated store hours.

    • We expect to reopen soon. TJ MAXX should benefit from early reopening due to off-mall locations and their lack of ecommerce penetration. We do not have a date. Thank you for your patience during this time.

    • Carol, I’ve been wondering the same thing. TJMaxx is one of the few things in San Diego County that has not reopened yet!?!


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