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As you might expect, Walmart Deli offers fantastic prices for a wide range of popular deli products. Not only that, but they have an extensive range of products, from quality meats to a range of classic side dishes.

Items can be purchased by the pound, individual or part of a handy meal deal that allows for further savings at Walmart Deli. These foods are great for making an easy meal at home or for grabbing something on the go after a spot of shopping.

8 Piece Fried Chicken$6.98
Meal Deal
- 1 Entree
- 1 Side
Rotisserie Chicken
30 o.z
Rotisserie Chicken Meal
- 30 o.z chicken
- 1 side & cole slaw
- 2 litre soda
3 Kinds of Delicious
(Pick 3 Buckets)
- 2 Meats
- 1 Side
Landshire Sandwiches$1.88
Hot Wings$5.98
Wings (Ranch)$5.98
BBQ Wings$5.98
Wing Zings$5.98
Popcorn Shrimp$5.48
Tilapia Fit$5.48
Jumbo Shrimp (5)
- Breaded
Devil Egg Potato Salad$2.48
Amish Mac Salad$2.48
Seafood & Shrimp Salad$3.98
Chicken Salad$4.98
Chicken Salad
w/ Nuts + Fruits
Potato Wedges$2.98
Redblis Potato$2.48
Amish Potato$1.78
Loaded Baked Potato$3.98
Mashed Potato$2.98
Cheesy Mac$3.88
Green Beans$1.98
- Breaded
Cheese Sticks$3.78
Chicken Tenders$5.98
Jalapeños Stuffed
Corn Dogs$0.98

Regardless of what you are looking for, one thing that you can expect from Walmart Deli is incredibly low prices. This is certainly the case here as there are many deli products that are available here for a fraction of the price they would be elsewhere.

For example, customers can enjoy a meal deal, that includes 1 entrée and side, for only $3.98. Another great example of the amazing rates includes a 30oz rotisserie chicken for only $4.98 or a pound of chicken wings for only $5.98.

Prices like these can be found throughout Walmart’s deli menu. Most items cost around the $5 mark or under, with only a few items costing more than these, and those that do tend to offer large portions so you are still getting incredible value for money!

Additionally, many items are available by the pound, so you can buy as little or as much as you may need! This provides lots of flexibility with your shopping at Walmart Deli!

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Walmart Deli Menu

The Walmart Deli menu is stacked will all manner of delicious foods. These range from classic deli cuisine such as meats and cheeses to classic homemade meals that don’t require any effort to make!

For example, there is a rather impressive chicken selection available on Walmart’s deli menu. This includes fried and rotisserie chicken, not to mention many varieties of hot wings (BBQ, ranch, hot etc.)

Beyond this, Walmart’s deli menu features a number of popular foods that aren’t going to disappoint. For instance, customers can purchase potatoes, salads, and even seafood orders by the pound.

There’s also a number of meal options too, such as the rotisserie chicken meal, 3 Kinds of Delicious meal (2 meats and 1 side) and a meal deal for one (1 entree and 1 side). Not only that, you can also enjoy some tasty sandwiches from Walmart Deli!

Furthermore, there is a number of classic dishes and items available by the pound. These include meals that wouldn’t be out of place in the home, but with the added bouncs of not having to do any of the cooking!

Foods such as cheesy mac, chicken tenders, and corn dogs are a few notable examples! Combining these with any other of the delicious foods from Walmart Deli and you will have one amazing meal on your hands!

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
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  1. I need to order the big deli 6 foot sandwich from the Walmart Deli (located on Hampden) in Colorado.
    Is there a direct number to that store deli, do they still make the 6 foot sandwich, what is the cost of the 6 foot sandwich, and what are the hours that they will be open on Saturday, August 3, 2019?



    • As we have checked, the Walmart Deli (located on Hampden, CO) hours are: Mon – Sun: 10 am – 8 pm. The cost of the 6 foot sandwich is $40. You have to call the store and they will change you over Walmart Deli department. The main store phone number is: 720-748-1000.

  2. Just purchased the Walmart pick 3 bucket with 3 meats inStuart VA onSaturday and was charged $26! That’s a huge increase from $17! Why such a jump

  3. Walmart has a new delivery pricing policy overnight without notification until you get to the house and your credit card. They add five dollars and ninety nine cents for delivery under thirty five dollars, where they gave free delivery which was a real asset for retirees handicapped elderly in getting groceries and household goods, walmart is hard to enter so big, and now they tack on a manditory tip for the delivery person, written in small print on the bottom of check out of almost eight dollar mandated tip! So, now we are commuting to walmart to get our glucerna, which the strawberry can’t be bought in the discount 24 pack only online but the delivery is 13.00 extra, unless you pay the autopay for delivery from walmart of twelve dollars a month program. I guess it is suppose to build customer loyalty but it makes me not want to buy from walmart anymore, only go there if I have to. Simone


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