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Toys R Us Tricks and Trips to Save

Who doesn’t carry positive memories of Toys R Us? Whether it was the excitement as a kid running through the store and seeing endless selections of toys and games or the magic of being a parent and seeing your child’s face light up with joy any time you visit, it’s a retailer that holds a special place in many people’s hearts.

Of course, there are many reasons why Toys R Us remains so popular. For instance, it offers a great place to shop not just for children’s toys, but also baby products for new arrivals in the family – the company has a pretty comprehensives baby registry.

They also offer many chances to save a buck or two, especially if you know the best tips and tricks to finding the various Toys r us sales, deals and offers.

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Download the App

Every retailer has an app these days, and Toys R Us is no exception. The great thing about this particular app isn’t just the fact that you can shop from the comfort of home or check customer reviews on products, but the various deals and promotions that are available.

It’s a simple yet effective way of saving some cash on your next purchase – you never know what great deals you might find!

Take Advantage of their Credit Card

Store credit cards can be a rather risky endeavor, but Toys R Us offers some pretty exceptional bonuses that make very worthwhile, especially if you find yourself shopping here regularly or need to invest in a fair amount of baby products.

For example, upon receiving approval, you get 15% off your first purchase with the card. Furthermore, any time you purchase something from Toys R Us you receive rewards points that can be exchanged for money off coupons, and you even get 10% off all purchases on a Thursday!

Always Spot the Sales

The Toys R Us website is home to a weekly ad that provides info on all the latest sales and deals found in-store and online. Sign up for the mailing list and you will receive notifications regarding any time an item is going on sale or a great deal is on the horizon.

Online Perks

When you shop online at Toys R Us, there is a pretty sweet deal - any orders over $19 get free economy shipping and free pickups in store! Plus, all baby gear comes with free shopping and no surcharges!

It’s just a few examples of how shopping online at Toys R Us has its perks and can save you a few dollars! never miss out another Toys r us sales deal. Check out their Clearance page by Clicking Here.

Reap the Rewards

Like Many companies, Toys R Us offers a great rewards scheme that gives back to their loyal customers. When you sign up to Rewards R Us, you get points for every dollar spent online and in-store, and these points can then eventually be exchanged for money-off vouchers!

125 points will see you gain $5 off your next purchase!

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