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The Beer Store Hours

⚠ All hours are estimates only

The Beer Store is responding to changes caused by COVID-19 by adjusting both open and closing hours. All stores will be affected by the change in hours, with all days opening at 10 am and closing being 9 pm all days except Sunday, when The Beer Store hours will be 12 pm – 5 pm. All stores which are closed on Sundays will remain closed on those days.

The Beer Store Hours

Bottle returns are still being accepted, however the number of stores accepting bottles and cans to return is limited.

When making these returns please rinse out all bottles and cans first and bring only one cart at a time. Lines will be formed with 6 ft distance between customers, and some drive thru bottle returns will be available at select stores on specific days. Please check the website thebeerstore.ca to see The Beer Store hours and where these will be available.

At a drive thru return you will pull up as directed and pop the truck without exiting the vehicle, or point out which door can be opened to retrieve your bottles, the staff will remove the returns and process them without you leaving the vehicle. When doing any returns there is an option to donate your returns to charity, the current charities being supported are hospitals and food banks to support our community in the best way possible during this time.

There will be additional changes within The Beer Store hours to help maintain social distance and to protect both staff and customers. There will be additional cleaning between customers, extra attention paid to sanitizing carts and totes, and new guidelines surrounding bottle and can returns.

To ensure everyone’s safety there are additional procedures in place. Cart and tote handles are disinfected between each customer, and The Beer Store staff have been provided with protective gear. There are also social distancing decals on the floor to help remind customers how far to remain apart. We do ask that you come with a list in mind of what you which to purchase, and only pick up items that you wish to purchase.

Anywhere wearing a face covering of any kind at any time may be asked to remove it to confirm their identity. This is important to ensuring all liquor control board rules are followed, as well as provincial laws on underage drinking and purchases. All The Beer Store stores have been fitted with plexiglass shields at the checkout areas, and these are likely to remain in place permanently. This provides a layer of protection for both staff and customers.  

You may be asked to temporarily remove your face back to confirm your identity at the request of the cashier, as identification may need to be checked at time of purchase. They request that one shopper per family attend the store to pick up all your needs, as there will be a limit on how many people are in The Beer Store store at one time. There are now plexiglass shields in place at the cash to protect both the cashier and the shoppers, and while cash will still be accepted it is preferred to use debit or credit whenever possible to help prevent the spread of germs.   

To find The Beer Store hours at a location near to you and the services provided: Thebeerstore.ca/locations has included a location search. This search will also share some The Beer Store brands available and what sets that location apart from other locations. If there is not a location close to you,  or you are unable to attend or simply don’t want to go into the store, online shopping is available through BeerXpress.

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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