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Sobeys Hours

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The Sobeys/Safeway brand has several stores all over western Canada and a few in other areas of Canada as well. Many of their stores have a pharmacy, and several have liquor stores nearby that are attached to the name. Sobeys hours and more information can be found during a search on their website for the store nearest you.

Sobeys Hours

For the most part, Sobeys hours will be pretty much the same throughout the week. Most Sobeys locations will open at 8 am from Mondays to Sundays. Sobeys hours for closing will vary for many locations. For example, you will find some Safeway closing hours are set to either 8 pm or midnight.

Stores have adjusted to the changing needs and demands of COVID-19 outbreak by adjusting Sobeys hours, allowing more time for staff to clean and stock the shelves, including a special hour of shopping for seniors and those who require more time or attention to complete their shop, one way aisles with arrows to mark, and social distancing especially in line ups, and shields in place at check outs to protect both the staff and the customers.

Sobeys Store

It is recommended that you wash or sanitize hands before entering the store and after exiting. Some Sobeys locations have installed temporary hand wash stations and hand sanitizer near the carts. A staff member will sanitize the carts and give you one to use, all customers are requested to use a cart in the store no matter how many items you are purchasing. Sobeys staff members are also monitoring the number of people in the store at one time, and helping to ensure social distancing is maintained in any lines and through out the store.

Some Sobeys stores have hand washing stations situated at the entrance to wash or sanitize hands upon entering the store, and all carts are being sanitized between customers. There is a limit on how many customers are allowed in the store at one time, with marks on the ground to help with keeping social distancing recommendations when waiting in line both if there is a wait to get into the store but also at the check outs.

When using your own reusable bags you may be required to pack your own groceries, but at this point they are allowing use of them. It is requested credit or debit be used whenever possible, and contactless is the best option.

While Sobeys hours may be varied during the COVID-10 outbreak, it is best to check your local store before planning your shopping trip. sobeys.com/store-hours has a search for all local store under this brand, simply pick the store you usually shop at, enter your city, and it will show you all the choices and the times they are open. Due to the essentials provided by grocery stores they are currently all open and operating as usual, with the new guidelines and restrictions. This search will also list all services and departments in your local store, and a map to make it easier to locate.

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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