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RV Parks Near Me

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Southern California is lucky to have many camp grounds and RV parks within a few hours’ drive. If you’re looking for slightly better than dry camping, Oak Park is a good fit. It is near me in Simi Valley, which hosts the Reagan Presidential Library and Air Force One Pavilion. It has electric hookups and a dump station. Pets are allowed and it does have cell service. Hours are seven a.m. till five p.m.

If you are looking for full hookups, Simi Valley also has a site for that. Tapo Canyon Park has full hookups and is located in the Santa Susana Mountains. Be aware; it does not have wi fi, cell signal or cable. It does have horse trails and pets are welcome. Hours are seven thirty to five.

Camping near me is more than just the camping experience. There are a lot of sites to see, both in Simi and in the surrounding communities. Strathearn Historical Park is a unique look into the past of Simi Valley and all of Southern California. It is the site of many reenactments, both Civil War and other types.

The Santa Monica Mountains offer some great hiking trails, some of which have overlooks into Simi and the San Fernando Valley. Equestrians will like the horse trails on the hills south of the valley. There are trails and exercise rings for those who prefer them. Watering barrels are also throughout so that the horses can drink on hot days.

RVing is a lot of fun and can be done both fulltime and part time. It can also be done as a vacation or a weekend away. Finding a great RV campground can be a little nerve wracking, especially if a bad park has already been encountered. One of the best ways to find out about the various campgrounds is through the web.

Youtube is another great way to find RV campgrounds that will be fun for all ages. There are several channels that have dedicated fulltime RVers. Some use a motorhome and others pull a trailer or fifth wheel. They talk about campgrounds, amenities and the lifestyle. They can also give tips and tricks for those who want to spend more time out and about rather than at home.

It is wise to make a note that some campgrounds are adult only. This is because the people using the campground have to be fifty or older. Most of them are fulltimers and having young children around is hard for them to cope with.

Other RV parks are resorts with play areas, water parks and various other amenities. These are family oriented and often have junior ranger programs for the small fry and a lot of hands on things to do. The RV Parks Near Me Map below will help you find the ideal spot for your next trip.

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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