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What Time Does Publix Deli Close

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Food retail after all, aims to cater to an icon of US culture, this includes deli. To consume deli has become a staple part of our diets, and many outlets exist to satisfy those needs. One of those outlets would be Publix Deli.

Yet, the intense competition may force certain stores to adapt certain measures for success. Publix Deli in this case, adapts and continues to thrive, thanks to the dedication it presents through its scheduling system. Publix Deli Hours accommodates its early shoppers and its evening shoppers giving them enough time to shop for Publix Deli food after their working schedules.

The great thing about Publix Deli hours is that it remains open the entire time that the store is open.


Publix Deli opens at 7 AM in the morning ready to serve even hot subs and sandwiches. Public Deli hours for closing is 10 pm every day of the week.  Publix Deli will usually stop serving hot foods and sandwiches around 9:30 pm as they prepare to close the department.

What time does Publix Deli open?

Publix Deli features a team of early risers, starting their days at 7 AM. This may be considered as odd for a food retailer specializing in subs and lunch food, where many individuals may choose such foods past mid-day, but keeping in mind house moms that can decide to shop any time of the day, or for someone who needed do some deli shopping after their gym work out, this works out perfectly.

Find Public Deli Hours

The opening hours for Publix Deli assist in two aspects. The first is the ability to catch morning customers who prefer subs for breakfast. The 2nd would be the presence. To be known as the “early riser and long worker” in the industry, is bound to make your reputation skyrocket as a business.

Publix Deli also features stability in its scheduling, setting its opening hours throughout the week at a stable 7 AM, whether it be a workday or a weekend.

What time does Publix Deli close?

The Publix Deli hours for closing remains uniform throughout the week, finishing off exactly at 10 PM. Publix Deli in this case, may be considered as one of the hardest working food retailers in business, operating from early morning, to really late at night.

Publix Deli operates approximately 15 hours per day. The massive stretch seen in their schedule, allows for effective accommodation of sub and Deli lovers throughout the entire day, whether it be at early breakfast, or for late dinner.

Even though the Deli closes quite late, the quality of the food offered in terms of freshness will differ throughout the day. It should be taken as a general rule that cooking with Delis tends to stop ½ an hour to 1 hour before closing. so it would be wise to pick up your hot foods before 9:30 pm.

Publix Deli Locations.

Publix Deli is one of the fastest growing food stores in the US, due to its well-known reputation for time convenience and excellent food taste. As presented through the previous schedule for time,

A store locator service would be found at the Publix official website, where a map is presented, showing the condensations of different across all states in the US. For Publix Deli Store Locator, click here. To Find the Nearest Store, Enter your City, State, Zip Code or address. If It is a particular store you are seeking for which you happen to have a receipt handy, you can also enter the store number. This will bring up a list of store or stores that are nearest to your location

Publix operates primarily in the South Eastern regions of the US, with most stores located in the states of Florida and Georgia, in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee etc.

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Last updated: August 25th, 2020
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