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Pros and Cons of Finding a Soulmate Using Online Dating

Finding a soulmate is never easy. Many people don’t think soulmate exists; others think we get more than one perfect soulmate, and others that by 20 we’ve already found them even though we have no clue who they could be.

If you haven’t found yours yet, would online dating be a good place to start your search? There are many pros and cons when it comes to online dating, and we’re here to discuss all of them and help you figure out if it’s a good call for you.

Pros of Online Dating

Sure, different platforms provide different services. All in all, no one is out of competition. However, some services, like Upforit, provide more efficient search algorithms or categorization than others, which eventually increases the chances of finding the exact type of person one’s looking for.

Let’s assume you’ve decided to go for it and made an account at Upforit, for example; let’s see what benefits you can get out of it. The first major benefit is that online you know where you stand. Depending on the type of dating website you’ve chosen, you will realize if the singles are searching for true love, a long-term committed relationship, a fling, or a hookup.

  1. Dating online is very convenient. You can date and chat in your PJs at home; you don’t need to dress up. You are allowed to be yourself and relaxed at the place where you are most comfortable, so dating online will work great for shy people and introverts who don’t desire to go out.
  1. There are many potential partners online, so the fear of rejection is generally lower as you can let go of insecurities because you are definitely someone’s type. There are hundreds of different websites, many of them targeted at specific niches.
  1. It will work great if you have specific or special preferences. So if you are solely interested in curvy women, who have a higher education, live in your area, are between the ages of 18 and 30, are over 5 foot 3, brunettes, caucasian, Christian and love the outdoors, you shall discover her.
  1. You can look for dates from anywhere, both geographically speaking (local or international) and from anywhere you are (train station, vacation, on your commute, at your house etc.).
  1. You can chat with and date several singles, which is amazing, even if you are a mature single who is looking for companionship or friendship (this also should be specified from the very beginning. And that’s where excessive search functions, like in Upforit, would play well). It is best to meet exclusively with each other and to be committed to just one person.
  1. You save time by not having to talk to everyone to set you up on dates. You don’t need to keep getting in your car and driving to different locations several times a week to come back disappointed.
  1. You can even get dating advice and help from professionals and get date ideas for seniors, find out what to do on a first date to score the second, and more.

Cons of Online Dating

You may attract the wrong types of partners if you are not using the appropriate type of website; if you’re searching for hookups - which is not at all good and lasting - don’t go on a website that’s designed to help people experience love.

  1. Sometimes people might not look like their photos. Singles tend to put their best foot forward both online and offline and might use a photo from when they were younger or slimmer or use filters. There are some fake profiles, but a great dating site will limit them and shoot them down as soon as possible.
  1. Online dating is sometimes shallow as your first call on whether or not you would like to date someone will be based on appearance, but this happens offline too.
  1. A premium membership might be necessary to make the most of the website or app, but it will cost you. Still, you’re saving up by not going on expensive dates with blind dates.


Overall, online dating is a great choice for everyone; while it does have its ups and downs, the pluses outweigh the minuses by a long shot. You have more chances of finding your soulmate online than you would by going on Love Island and competing. Online dating works, TV dating not so much.

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