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Try Out the Upcoming PlayStation VR at Your Local Best Buy

Virtual reality appears to be the next big step in gaming. More and more developers are creating their own unique VR gaming headsets that will take you into a fully immersive gaming experience, with everyone from Samsung to Facebook getting involved.

It should come as little surprise that technology giants Sony would want to get in on the action, and their announcement of PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 4 has certainly got people excited about the awesome potential of playing all of your favourite video games in virtual reality.

Some criticisms have been aired regarding VR in gaming, from the headaches and dizziness some sets can induce to the limited options when it comes to games, apps, and videos. PlayStation VR does sound very promising and is rumoured to address most of these concerns, however one issue that many people seem to have agreed on is the price.

At $399, this is by no means a cheap investment, and that is before you buy any games or other apps to use with it – there are even bundle deals exceeding $500!

Given that most consumers are new to the entire concept of VR, it could end up being that many people buy it only to discover they do not actually enjoy VR gaming.

That is why Sony’s latest announcement that PlayStation VR will be available to try out before the worldwide release on October 13.

Electronic retailer Best Buy now has PlayStation VR available in over 300 locations nationwide, where people can come in and try on the headset, test out some of the features, and get a general understanding of the product.

These awesome previews will be available at weekends at select Best Buy stores and provides a great opportunity to get a sneak peek of PlayStation VR before committing several hundred dollars for the experience.

Demos that can be played include an underwater experience where you can view all manner of marine life, a soccer game where players control the ball with their head, and the chance to play a game of virtual tennis.

You can find out whether your local Best Buy is providing PlayStation VR trials at the weekends by using this very handy store locator. Dates and times for trials vary from store to store

Be sure to check our hours for Best Buy to make sure you know exactly when to head on down to your local Best Buy for an incredible VR experience!

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