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Optimum Cable TV, the Best in the Tri-state Area

If you live anywhere in the Tri-state area and you are looking for the best value for your home entertainment dollar, then you need to contact Optimum Cable TV. They offer all of the services you will need for your home; Television, the Internet, and Phone all bundled into one great package, for a fair price.

It is a great time to get into one of their great packages so that you enjoy tons of television channels including many in HD, movies, music and of course all of the local stations, in crystal clear HD. They also offer five different speeds of Internet Access and access to more than a million WiFi hotspots all over the Tri-state area.

As a way to attract new subscribers to the many services they offer, Optimum has a great special promotion going on. For all new subscribers who sign up for bundled services (TV, the Internet and Phone) at one low, monthly price, they get a $100 American Express® Rewards Card. The special includes Internet up to 400 Mbps, TV and Phone for only $99 per month, with no contract to sign and the price is guaranteed for 3 years.
Bundled Services

Television - There massive TV channel selection include more than 600 channels (165 in HD), numerous local channels and access to ten's of thousands on-Demand programming available 24-hours a day. They offer 4 different TV packages Optimum Value, Optimum Preferred, Optimum Silver and Optimum Gold. They also have an exclusive Optimum Cable app, that can be downloaded to your Apple or Android phone, which brings all of the streaming services right to your phone.

Internet - Optimum has five different Internet Access Tiers to choose from depending on your needs; Optimum 10 (Basic access). Optimum 60 (for moderate Internet usage like checking emails and social media), Optimum 100 (perfect for the family who likes streaming movies, downloading and web searches), Optimum 200 (Perfect for online gamers and heavier Internet users) and Optimum 300 (Fast level for high speed downloading of large files, movie streaming, video chatting and multiplayer gaming).

Phone - Optimum's Voice service brings crystal clear calling to your telephone with numerous phone features and International Calling capabilities. Get 20 unique calling services all for one flat rate including Anonymous Call Blocking, Block Unwanted Callers, Caller ID, Call Forwarding just to mention a few. The service also includes all local, long distance and International calling anywhere in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Is for one low, flat rate.
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