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What Makes Family Dollar Stores Popular

The Family Dollar Store and other variety stores like them have become extremely popular throughout the country. These types of retail stores have become really popular, especially in local neighborhoods where they can be found. There are many reasons why so many people like to frequent Family Dollar Stores and you will likely see one or more of them in the area you live.

Family Dollar Store operates more than 8000 store locations in nearly every state with the exception of Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska and Washington state. Many of these locations can be found in a small communities and neighborhoods that might be too small for a large chain store.

The reasons why people frequent one of the many dollar stores that can be found all throughout the country. Below are five reasons that we were able to come up with as why people frequent the Family Dollar Stores.

Five Common Reasons For Shopping at Family Dollar Store

#1 Location, location, location - The Family Dollar Store can be found in cities and towns all throughout the US. Many of them are situated in local communities that due to the size of the area. They are often the only retail stores in some urban areas that are often inhabited by lower income residents. They are able to do this because of the smaller size footprint of the building that they build in the area to house the business.

 #2 Lower prices - When you consider that many of the 8000 plus retail locations of the Family Dollar Stores are located in underserved neighborhood and communities, it is not surprising that many of the customers frequent them in order to pick up daily necessities at a low price. It is also highly likely that even if there were other options, the lower prices would attract many customers to shop at Family Dollar Store.

#3 Household Items - Since many of the Family Dollar Store locations are situated in local communities, they focus a lot of their products that they carry on the typical daily necessities for people. Being that they are often located in close proximity to urban areas and many of the their customers often come and go on foot.

#4 Lack of options - While many of large discount store chains have numerous locations in areas that are heavily populated, not all areas allow for these typically large stores. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to many urban locations when there may not be large enough areas for the large box stores. This is the perfect situation for Family Dollar Store to set up a new store location and begin to service all of the local residents and ensuring they have access to much of their daily needs.

#5 Offers quality products - While the lower prices may be indicative of lower quality, the products that Family Dollar Store stocks in all of its locations are of high quality. They carry a wide range of brands in the stores and that does not indicate any lesser quality than you might find in any other type of store it size.

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