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Kroger Stores in Richmond Trial Home Delivery Service Using Uber

Kroger has recently rolled out trials for a home delivery grocery service at two Richmond-area locations. Stores in Carytown and Chesterfield County will now be offering online delivery services as part of their ClickList service.

Grocery home deliveries are common among many retailers, such as Harris Teeter (who are co-owned by Kroger) leading Kroger to trial their own service, with Richmond representing one of two test markets for this new service, Dallas being the other.

Surprisingly enough it will not be Kroger employees providing the service, with the company opting to outsource to Uber drivers. As a result, the daily fee for delivery stands at $11.95, which includes the $4.95 fee for the ClickList service.

It looks to be a smart move from the retailer, having picked up on a common trend that many consumers simply do not have the time to shop instore. Now, anyone short on time in Richmond looking for grocery deliveries can order online using Kroger.

The company has viewed a delivery service as a natural progression for the ClickList service, which allows customers to order groceries online and then collect them instore, freeing up the need to browse through the supermarket in person.

As a result, the home delivery service is intertwined with ClickList, with customers required to log onto their account at any of the two participating stores in Richmond. For those that are unsure whether they fall into the catchment area, they only need to enter their address to see if they qualify for home delivery.
If available, it is a case of selecting the delivery time, starting the shopping process, and then paying online once completed. After the order has been placed, employees at the stores will contact an Uber driver who will then make the delivery.

There’s not limitations on distances, so if your ZIP code falls into the available areas then you are able to get your groceries delivered for the flat free of $11.95. Kroger will have the groceries delivered within 30 minutes or less, to ensure all produce remains fresh and unspoiled.

Customers can only pay for the service online and someone must be available at the address to accept the order. There are some restrictions on products that are available for delivery, including alcohol and prescriptions from Kroger’s pharmacy.

Should the trials in Richmond and Dallas prove successful, Kroger will consider expanding the service to a wider area. Let’s hope Kroger customers see the benefits of such a service, as it would great to see this rolled out on nationwide level.

Because let’s face it, nothing beats doing your grocery shopping from the comfort of home! Plus, it’s a service that many will find massively useful, such as elderly consumers and those with mobility issues.

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