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Jamba Juice - Energizing Your Life One Cup of Juice at a Time

Juicing has become quite popular among the more health conscious here in US. More and more people have been switching away from the morning cup of heavily caffeinated coffee to a much more healthy glass of juice or favorite smoothie to get their quick pick me up in the morning.  So, instead of joining the masses lined up at one of the many local coffee shops around town, the juicers have a place to go where they can get their juice fix, it is called Jamba Juice.

Jamba Juice, Inc.

Jamba Juice began as a single location in San Luis Obispo, California by a small group of people as a senior project for a college course. That was back in 1990 and today there are more than 800 locations throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and several international locations. The majority of the locations are franchises and just 287 remain company-owned stores.

It started serving its unique brand of freshly blended juices and smoothies to the health conscious crowd from its very store location and it really expanded when it bought out  Zuka Juice in early 2000 and it picked a number of new locations throughout the US. It now can be found in 26 states and a number of international location.

Unique, Healthy Menu Choices

 All of the items on the menu are packed with whole veggies, fruits, juices and deliciousness. All items can be customized and are made to order while you wait. The menu consists of several different choices; energy bowl’s, smoothies, fresh squeezed juice shots, fresh squeezed juices, tasty bites, Jamba Kids and boosts.

 Energy Bowl’s -

Smoothies -

Fresh Squeezed Juice Shots -

Fresh Squeezed Juices -

Tasty Bites - Tasty food options for those looking for a healthier option to the typical fast food fare. There are much lighter food options like breakfast wraps,  artisan flatbread, oatmeal bowl, baked snacks and toasted bistro sandwiches.

Jamba Kids - These are kid sized smoothies and a great tasting flatbread treat that are each made with only the freshest ingredients. Very nutritious choices with kids in mind packed with vitamins and other nutrients.

Boosts - These energy packed smoothies are designed to provide a little kickstart when your body needs a boost. There are two options to choose from caffeine-free whole food or caffeinated.

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