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What Time Does Dominos Open

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Domino’s needs little introduction. Their famous white, blue and red domino log is instantly recognisable across the globe. In fact, it is actually the largest pizza chain in the entire world, fully emphasising the quality of taste coming from each and every slice of pizza. That’s not to say you are just limited to pizza (although we don’t blame you for only caring about their amazing pizzas!) you can get a plethora of appetizers, sides and desserts to truly complete the meal.

In terms of Domino’s hours, they can vary from location to location just to the sheer number of different venues, but most tend to follow similar hours of operations regardless!

MONDAY10:30 AM - 12 PM
TUESDAY10:30 AM - 12 PM
THURSDAY10:30 AM - 12 PM
FRIDAY 10:30 AM - 1 AM
SUNDAY10 :00 AM - 12 AM
MONDAY10:30 AM - 12 AM
TUESDAY10:30 AM - 12 AM
THURSDAY10:30 AM - 12 AM
FRIDAY10:00 AM - 1 AM
SUNDAY10:00 AM - 12 AM


What time does Dominos Close ?
What time does Dominos Open ?

While the idea of pizza for a late breakfast or early lunch may seem unappealing some people (somehow!) there are plenty who enjoy nothing more than a slice of pizza and some chicken strippers at any point in the day! For these reasons, Dominos hours really do attempt to accommodate everyone. Which is why opening hours of 10.30am in most areas of the country means that those who want something a little earlier in the day are forced to wait until later to get some pizza delivered to their doors. Lets’ face it - no one should have to wait for pizza!

Dominos is much more than simply pizza though (mind you their pizza isn’t too bad either!). You can get pastas, sandwiches and various chicken based treats that taste great at any point in the day. No matter what you may be craving, dominos hours recognise the need to be flexible in their times, hence the early opening times that allows for service to run for the majority of the day.

Pizza makes a fine dinner or simply a snack amongst a few friends pitching in together for a margarita or buffalo chicken pizza. Being able to order late into the night is a must for any pizza chain, but Dominos knows this. This is why the majority of Dominos hours for closing time run till 12am for weeknights. Nothing makes a weekend better than getting a pizza ordered at one point, making great that Dominos hours are extended for Fridays and Saturdays, with deliveries available until 1am! That’s not to say you won’t find the odd Dominos opened at 1am during the week, its very possible for some locations –there is just that many of them!

Don’t be surprised if some of the busier Dominos are opened until as late as 3am. While these are most likely in massive cities that rarely sleep (New York or LA) you may find the some places opened till 2am also. Generally though 10.30am until 12am are generally the Dominos hours you will find. It tends to be weekends that will have the odd place opened slightly later, particularly in downtown areas. Just phone your local establishment or have a look online to double check the Dominos hours nearby you.

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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