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Designer Handbags and Wallets come to Costco Stores

Costco Stores is the largest American membership warehouse store and it ranks just behind Walmart as the second-largest retailer worldwide. With more than 700 stores in 12 countries, they offer a wide range of items from food to high quality, moderately priced luxury items to members who sign up for an annual membership plan. These moderately priced luxury items now include some designer handbags and wallets.

In order to keep their members, happy Costco is constantly changing up the inventory of specialty items along with the usual stock of bulk items that you can find on the shelves in every store. In order to keep costs down, they offer most of the items in bulk sizes, often merchandised as institutional-sized packages.

The "no-frills" model works

One of the ways that Costco is able to keep its costs down and to be able to offer its members such a good deal is that they don't spend a whole lot of money on in-store promotions and displays, they prefer to simply put the product out on the same shipping pallets that they receive the product in. They also don't provide shopping bags to the customer when they get to the checkout, it is up to the customer to bring their own bags or containers to get their purchases home.

Designer items available as Costco

As part of their model, Costco offers a number of specialty items that their customers only have access to. These items range from clothing, automotive products, household items and also some very high-end luxury things. Recently, it was introduced that all of their members would be able to find designer handbags and wallets from some of the top designers in the fashion handbag industry.

Some of these high-end fashion brands include Coaches exclusive lines of purses, handbags and wallets. Along with Coaches, you can find some other exclusive designer handbags from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, and Kooba.

This was a real treat for those members who were looking for a designer quality handbag, clutch or wallet without having to pay the outrageous prices that are charged at other stores that specialize in high-end designer products.
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