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Costco Online Ordering

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If you are looking for buying large quantities of the freshest food for your next party, the deli at your local Costco might be the answer. Yes, you can order online large party platters at bulk pricing and save a whole lot of money in the process. Also see Costco Deli Menu and Prices.

How to Order Online from Costco if you don't have a Membership Card?

No more having to drive all over town to different restaurants to satisfy the varied food preferences of your family, you are likely to find everything at a click away at great, low prices.

How to shop Costco without having a Membership Card?

3 Ways to Shop Costco for Non-Members
Click to enlarge - 3 Ways to Shop Costco for Non-Members

Not everyone in the U.S. has a Costco Membership Card. You can Join Costco for as low as $60 / year (Gold Star Membership). You will also get a free Household Card - witch is useful to share the membership with major family members.

If you want to enjoy the savings without buying a Membership Card, here are some options:

Shop with a friend.

This sounds like an old-fashioned manner, but it still works.

When arriving at checkout, tell your friend to pay for you. You can have two distinct orders. Simply have money or a check prepared for him upon exiting the shop.

Use Prepaid Gift Cards.

Costco Prepaid Gift Cards (Costco Cash Cards)


This will help to enter the store and purchase things without an escort. As per their Terms and Conditions there will be a 5% surcharge over the member's prices (except for prescription drugs) for Costco Online Shopping.

Costco Online Shopping

This could be the most convenient option: use Instacart. They are a grocery store delivery agency that will shop Costco in your own benefit. Below is a Step-by-Step Guide of Costco Food Online Ordering.

How to order Costco Food Online (Powered by Instacart)?

A growing company that offers same-day supermarket delivery services is Instacart. They offer Free delivery on your first order and the minimum amount is $35. If your order is under $35 you will pay a $9.99 fee. Items can be delivered to your door in as little as 1 hour. Express Account offers you 14 days trial with free delivering.

After two weeks of trying to keep your hungry family happy, you can opt in for Express Delivery and continue to enjoy free service. This way you will also avoid the Busy Pricing fee that is added when ordering at popular delivery times.

Of course we presume that you love this service and are going to use it at least once a week. If you are a rare customer you can pay additional cost along with every order. The fee starts from $5.99 for Regular delivery and $7.99 for 1 hour delivery and can vary depending on the weight of your basket (how many items you purchase). You will clearly see the Total price during checkout, before you send your order.

Below is a Step by Step Guide of how to Order Online from Costco completely free for 2 weeks. Remember, you don't need a membership card for this method.

Step 1. Visit Instacart.com and Enter your Zip Code. To see if your location is covered by Instacart services click Find Stores. If not, you can be notified by e-mail when will be available.

Costco Online Ordering

Step 2. Complete the Sign Up form.

Step 3. After Login click on Stores from the Top-Left Corner of your screen. You will see a menu with all available Stores. Look for Costco logo here. Alternatively, you can visit this URL.

Costco Instacart
Select Costco of all stores which you can order in your Area.

Step 4. Click on ”Departments” and than on ”Deli”.

Enjoy Shopping! Their selection of freshly prepared foods will amaze you and their prices with shock you as well. You also have subcategories: Meat & Cheese Trays, Deli Meat, Artisan & Specialty Cheese, Prepared Meals, Prepared Soups & Salads and Dips & Spreads.

Costco Deli Items
Search for the preferred Costco Deli Food and add it to your Chart.

Step 5. Checkout. On this stage, you will have to enter Delivery Address, Schedule Delivery Time, add your Mobile number and a Payment Method.

Instacart will start delivering groceries from 9 AM until midnight, depending on your local store hours. Check out Costco Deli Hours.

Step 6. After completing the Order form Click Place Order.

You will have to wait for a phone call to get groceries delivered to your address.

Costco Online Ordering for Members

If you are a Gold Star, Business or Executive Member, the best option is to order directly from Costco.com. This way you will avoid additional delivery fees. Here is how to do this:

Step 1. Create an account on their website.

Step 2. Enter your Zip Code and Your Membership number.

Step 3. For Same-Day Delivery (all Groceries including Fresh) click here.

Step 4. Add products in the basket and continue to Checkout Process.

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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6 thoughts on “Costco Online Ordering”

  1. We joined Costco because of the beautiful selection of Kosher meats available when they opened in Rockford, Il. That selection has diminished greatly. Is it possible to order from the warehouse or from a Chicago area store & have it shipped in

    • Dear Ruby,
      Thank you for your comment. I see that the section of Kosher meats available is very limited at your Rockford Costco (5000 Stadium Dr, Loves Park, IL 61111). After checking all the nearby Costco stores I’ve found the following deli meats:

        Products available at Costco 7311 N Melvina Ave, Niles, IL 60714, Costco 2900 Patriot Blvd, Glenview, IL 60026, and Costco 950 Port Washington Rd, Grafton, WI 53024:

      • Empire Kosher Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 2 lbs – $12.19Empire Kosher Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
      • Teva Glatt Kosher Angus Ground Beef – $7.39 per lb
      • Teva Glatt Kosher Angus Ground Beef

      • Solomon’s Glatt Kosher Sliced Pastrami, 24 oz – $18.29 (not available at zip code: 53024) Solomon's Glatt Kosher Sliced Pastrami

      This is what I found. Products like:
      Hebrew National Beef Salami Bullet, 2 lbs – $13.49 Hebrew National Beef Salami Bullet
      Aufschnitt Kosher Beef Jerky may be also available in other Costco stores (check New York). Aufschnitt Kosher Beef Jerky

    • Hi Teri! What is your ZIP code or what is the Costco you normally shop at? You will have to send an email to the store. Usually if you call Costco Customer Service they can transfer you to your preferred store and they will give you an email address where you can order.

      They will send you an order form by email. You’ll need to fill it out and send it to the deli manager at the e-mail address they give you.

      They need 24 hour notice from date of pickup so send it as soon as possible.

      Costco Deli Order Form


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