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Costco Deli offers a fine alternative to takeout. You can order a wide variety of tasty foods to go, not to mention a collection of freshly prepared meats that are available by the pound. Nothing can be more tiring than shopping for groceries, so why not recharge with some great grub at Costco Deli ?

Better still, why not opt for one of their many party platters? They come with great prices like other goods at Costco Deli, and make for a fine option for the next time you are throwing a party. If you are starting your own Catering, Costco can also help you control the costs of food.

Chicken Bake
chicken breast, cheese, bacon, caesar dressing
Hot Turkey & Provolone Sandwich
oven browned turkey, provolone, red onions, tomatoes, basil garlic, mayo on a toasted torta roll
Barbecue Brisket Sandwich
USDA Choice Beef Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw
Italian Sausage Sandwich
with roasted peppers & onions
1/3 Pound Cheeseburger
1/4 Pound Hot Dog
All Beef
& 20 o.z soda (refill)
1 Slice Pizza Combo
18 Inch Whole Pizza Combo$9.95
Chicken Caesar Salad$3.99
Fruit Smoothie
4 servings of fruit
Latte/Mocha Freeze$1.45
Twisted Churro$1.00
20 o.z soda
with refill
Atlantic Salmon Fillet
1 Lbs
Steelhead Fillet
1 lbs
Tilapia Fillets
1 lbs
Tiger Shrimp
1 lbs
Pork Loin Back
1 lbs
Pork Louis Ribs
1 lbs
Boneless Pork Shoulder
1 lbs
Beef Short Ribs
1 lbs
Rack of Lamb
1 lbs
Lamb Legs Boneless
1 lbs
Boneless Skinless Breast
1 lbs
1 lbs
Beef Loin New York Steak
1 lbs
Lamb Rib Roast (Imported)
1 lbs
Beef Rib Eye Vacuum Packaged
1 lbs
Beef Rib Eye Boneless
1 lbs
Beef Loin Tenderloin Vacuum Packaged$10.29
Mequite Seasoned Wings & Drums
1 lbs
Rotisserie chicken
3 lbs
Vegetable Platter
low fat dressing
4 lbs
Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl
3 lbs
Dry Rub Ribs
St. Louis Style
1 lbs
Chicken Wings with Garlic Pepper Seasoning
1 lbs
Boneless Skinless Breast
1 lbs
Shrimp Platter
serves 20 - 24
Chicken & Swiss Roller
serves 20 - 24
Sandwich Platter$29.99
Meat & Cheese Platter
serves 16 - 20
Roasted Chicken Swiss Roller Platter
20 - 24
Shrimp Platter with cocktail Sauce
20 -24
Croissant Sandwich Platter
chicken/roast beef/ham
serves 16 - 20
For one thing, Costco Deli prices are very affordable whether you are buying a single item for your lunch or a selection of products to use at home, you can be sure of finding great value for money with Costco Deli prices.

Take the hot foods to go for example. These include popular foods like sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs, and pizza slices, and are available for as little as $1.50. In fact, the average price for these foods never exceeds $5! Unless you are going for a mighty 18-inch pizza – which is still only $9.99!

These great prices can be found throughout Costco Deli menu. For instance, by ordering foods by the pound, you can get even more bang for your buck when it comes to your favorite meats, vegetables and seafood.

Prices for these products can start as low as $2, with average prices ranging from $5-$10 per pound depending on the type of food. For example, a pound of boneless chicken breasts costs just $2.79, while a boneless ribeye steak starts at $10.50 per pound.

Furthermore, you can stand to make a fair few savings on Costco Deli prices by ordering in bulk. Platters are ideal for many occasions, from birthday parties to having your friends round for gameday.

Prices average between $29.99 and $39.99, and you can order many different types of platters, from sandwiches to shrimp.

Costco Food Court Menu

As you can imagine, the Costco Deli menu comes with a fine selection of different products. These include hot food that can be eaten there and then, to popular deli products such as meats and party platters.

What better way to recharge after a long hard shop than to enjoy some great food? Well, that’s exactly what you can expect to find with Costco’s hot food deli counter. Here you can find sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and hot dogs along with different beverages and desserts!

Croissant Sandwich Platter
Croissant Sandwich Platter

Should you want some fresh meats or other produce, then Costco Deli has got you covered. They provide many different types of produce, including seafood, poultry, cold and fresh cuts of meat.

These are available by the pound, meaning you can buy as much or as little as needed!

For instance, there are many different types of chicken available, such as rotisserie, breasts, wings and drums. Likewise, cuts of beef are varied too, with the likes of rib eye, tenderloin, New York strip, and ribs all available.

Beyond these are a fine selection of other popular meats such as pork and lamb, not to mention an extensive selection of seafood favorites that will not disappoint.

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Last updated: January 5th, 2022
Author: Victor Emanuel Sterpu
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    • Yes. You can assemble all the ingredients for your Costco casserole and then freeze it unbaked.
      If you want to freeze a baked Costco casserole, let it cool before wrapping it and freezing.

  1. Do you make the platters and the sandwiches fresh. They are building a Costco nearby me , trying to put in a application can seem to find the right website can you help me.

  2. Good afternoon
    We are having a wedding shower with around 50 people, when ordering for this, not everyone will eat off of every platter, what is the rule of thumb, if a meat and cheese platter feeds 26 people, do you order two?

    What about a veggie platter,? I don’t want to throw food away or waste money

    • I recommend to go with two of each veggie or cheese platter. Just to give yourself some wiggle room. If you buy from Coscto you should not waste money. Regarding the remaining food, I recommend visiting our article about fasting. You can give to the poor what remains over.

  3. I want to order the sandwich and roller platters for pickup August 23 at the Culver City location. I called the deli department and Antonio told me different than what is posted here.
    -Flat bread wraps are chicken with cranberry cream cheese, lettuce and tomato. 48 per platter
    (menu says should feed 20-24)
    -croissant sandwiches – 4 chicken, 3 roast beef, 3 ham. 10 sandwiches cut in half. (That looks like what is pictured on your menu). This item seems to be the same per menu and store.
    I am ordering for 90 people and don’t know how to order because not sure of the difference on the wraps.
    thank you for clarification

  4. Having a high school class reunion, could be 200 or more. This will be an outside gathering, with shade & coolers at a local park in mid August. Any suggestions as to what and how much of each?

    • Hi Kathy! Here are my suggestions:

        – Finger foods / Appetizers :

      • 7 x Frozen meatballs – 140 Meatballs (Serving Size : 5 pcs, Servings Per Bag: 28) – $17 / bag
      • 20 x Kirkland Signature Roasted Chicken & Swiss Roller Tray, 12 ct
      • – The main course :

      • 10 x Meat & Cheese Platter
      • 10 x Shrimp Platter with cocktail Sauce.
      • – Dessert:

      • 20 x Kirkland Signature Apple/Cheese Danish (8 pcs each).
      • 20 x Kirkland Signature Variety Cookies, 24 ct

      Hope this helps.

  5. We need for a reception following a funeral:
    platters of assorted sliced cheese and crackers
    platters of assorted cookies/bars/brownies

    We are planning for 200. Finger foods only. We would pick the order at the Carlsbad location the morning of Dec 7.

    • Cynthia, please tell me what type of platter you want to see?

      • Croissant Sandwich Platter : Serves 16-20:
        Croissant Sandwich Platter : Serves 16-20
      • Roasted Chicken & Swiss Rollers Platter from Costco (serves-20-24):
        Roasted Chicken & Swiss Rollers Platter from Costco (serves-20-24)
      • Shrimp Platter with Cocktail Sauce from Costco (serves-20-24):
        Shrimp Platter with Cocktail Sauce from Costco (serves-20-24)
  6. Needing “grab’n’go” type of food for about 40 people, after a hockey game (players and coaches). Thoughts on what we could buy/offer?

    • Hi Sarah! After a hockey game or other sport, a high protein snack can be nourishing. Example: protein bars, pumpkin streusel muffins, almonds / walnuts / other nuts mixed with pumpkin seeds & a sweet trio of cranberries, raisins & blueberries.

    • Danette, I spoke with a Costco product rep. The menu is set as is, so it’s usually not possible. Sorry.

  7. Hi, I’ve been trying to order Costco party platters online, but I can’t find how to. On the website, each time I click deli, it takes me to a grocery delivery page. I tried to call, but no one is answering. Any ideas? I’ve been trying for about an hour already. I live 90 min from Costco, so not really an option just to swing by.

  8. Hi Victor
    What would be your recommendation for serving a wedding party of 100. From Costco Louisville Ky.
    Trying to keep budget around $1,000
    What would be your recommendation for how many of each?

    I would like Turkey and cheese sandwiches ( platters)
    Chicken Salad sandwiches ( platters)
    Fruit and Cheese platters
    Meat balls
    Veggie Trays

    • Hi Robin! Here is my recommendation for the wedding party of 100 people. I checked and at least some, if not all, products are available at 5020 Norton Healthcare Blvd, Louisville, KY 40241 or 3408 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40218:
      Croissant Sandwich Platter (chicken) x 5 = 100 serves $150
      Taco Salas Chicken & Cilantro Costco platter
      Kirkland Signature Taco Salad w/ Chipotle Chicken & Cilantro Lime Crema – 8 servings per container
      About $19.73 each > ~ $200 = ~ 100 serves

      Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl, 3 lbs – $12,43 x 12 = $149,16

      Crunchmaster Multi-Grain with 6-Seed Crackers, 2 x 14 oz – 26 servings ,$11.18 each x4 = $44,72

      Kirkland Signature Italian Style Beef Meatballs, 6 lbs – 30 servings, $22.38 x3 = $67,14

      Kirkland Signature Cilantro Lime Shrimp platter
      Kirkland Signature Cilantro Lime Shrimp, Fully Cooked – $17,28 – 6 servings x 16 = $276,28

      Vegetable Platter, 4 lbs – $9.99 x 11 = $109,89

      Total: $998

    • Hi, Ginny! Unfortunately, since this product is not on the Costco website, we are unable to give you the dimensions. You can go ask in your local warehouse. Thank you.

  9. I am planning a Memorial service for my late husband on
    Feb. 26 2022. I would like to get suggestions prices for finger food (Meat, cheese, bread? crackers) fruit tray, veggie tray, & suggestion for dessert tray. I don’t have a deffinate head count yet but probably around 100.

    Than you for anything you can do to help me do this right.
    251 N 114th St Apt 210
    Apache Junction Az 85120

    The Costco I use is located in Mesa Az Sossaman Road & US 60 Freeway


    • Hi Nelda! I know the importance of honoring your loved one. After checking Costco prices in Mesa Az Sossaman Road & US 60 Freeway here’s what I found and you can buy them right now:

      – 16x Kirkland Signature Roasted Chicken & Swiss Roller Tray, 12 ct – $15.27 – 6 servings per container Kirkland Signature Roasted Chicken & Swiss Roller Tray
      – 6x Vegetable Platter, 4 lbs – $12.43 – 16 servings Vegetable Platter, 4 lbs
      – 3x Cello Cheese Cracker Cut Tray, 2 lbs. – $14.29 – 32 servings Cello Cheese Cracker Cut Tray
      – 10x Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl, 3 lbs – $12.43 – about 10 servings Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl
      – 4x Kirkland Signature Variety Cookies, 24 ct – $9.94 – 24 servings Kirkland Signature Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookies

  10. These are some good suggestions but I was interested in a large tray with a variety of cold cuts with a variety of cheese on the same tray. How many does that type of tray serve? Crousants & variety of crackers.

    Do they have delivery service for the party trays? Are the trays the food is on disposable or do they have to be returned?

    Does the Sossaman/Mesa store have a web site so I could look at what they have to offer?

    • Nelda, I think I’ve answered your question. Please tell us after all what food you ordered and what the whole process was like.

  11. I am just planning right now. My event is Feb 26th. How many days before the event do I need to order? I would like to see some more choices. I am interested in a variety cold cut tray with a variety of cheese rather than the pinwheel’s.

    • To order, we recommend calling or going to Costco. Ideally, pick up your order 1 or 2 days before the event. I’m not sure if they have it in stock, but you can also try:

      Magnifico Meat & Cheese – $14.49

      meat and cheese platter


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