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Far From Obsolete: Why Companies Still Use Print Marketing To Grow Business

FOver 60% of large business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) companies use print marketing. When used properly or in combination with online marketing, it becomes a powerful and effective marketing tool. The traditional method of print marketing is still very much alive. Several reasons account for the everlasting appeal of print marketing, making it a ‘go to solution’ for enterprises that are trying to build or expand their operations.

It’s Something Real And Physical

Online marketing may have a high reach and penetration, with about 90% of the US population having internet access, according to Pew Research. However, there’s still the 10% who are not tech savvy or are without internet connection. 

While targeted or pop up adverts might catch your attention, the retention rate is quite low. Research suggests that the brain processes information differently. The attention span is longer while reading information received from print material compared to that on a digital screen. Having something that you can see and touch is real, and relates better to customers. Even if they don’t have the time to act on a marketing campaign, having a physical copy means they can get back to it whenever it is convenient.

Better Targeting Of Clients

The use of print media is a tactical business strategy. You can opt to participate in a trade show, and make creative print marketing ads that will target a specific audience. Hosting an event is another strategy to get exposure. You might want to use banners, informative pamphlets, and graphic banners for marketing and branding.

Print Marketing Is Easy To Do

Print ads are straightforward and effective. The success of Apple print ads is an example, with messages that are ahead of their time. You can have ads printed by another party, or do the printing yourself and post the materials. OnlineStamp.net makes it easy to print your own stamps and send off your marketing leaflets or brochures to potential and vetted clients. Because it is an easy process, businesses can take advantage of this marketing strategy to gain customers and create or enhance brand recognition. The ease and convenience of print marketing makes it an attractive strategy for businesses.

A Multipurpose Approach

Print marketing encompasses a whole gamut of interesting forms of marketing that could capture a wider audience. It is not merely about flyers and brochures. There are many forms of print marketing that could target different types of clients.

It is also versatile. You can turn out print materials as stickers, decals for cars, wall shows, trade fairs, and so on. Hence, it is very likely that you can reach a wider client base with these forms of media marketing. Print media has also evolved using technology. For example, the QR codes embedded in print media make them interactive, providing the customer with detailed information online as needed.

There are many ways to market a business, get the word out there, and enhance sales. Using print marketing offers an enormous potential to generate clients, tap non-internet users, and encourage more time spent on the product or service.

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