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For the most part, Applebees open close to midday at 10:30 AM. For Sunday, you will find that it opens at 11 AM which is great for brunches! Applebees is known to be wide chain restaurant which has served over millions of people. It is known to be a neighborhood restaurant which house a popular grill and bar perfect for brunches, happy hours, lunch breaks, meetings, and family outings or even dates.

If you are going to an Applebees, you will have a great time as they often have small themes going on depending on what is going on throughout the world. So What Time Does Applebees Open and What time does time does it close. Browse the table to below to get a grasp on applebees hours of operation:

MONDAY10:30 AM - 1 AM
TUESDAY10:30 AM - 1 AM
FRIDAY10:30 AM - 2 AM
SUNDAY11:00 AM - 12:30 AM
As of this moment, there is a focus on basketball and football since that is the current sports season that is active. You can expect to be going to Applebees late at night as they often close late. From Monday to Thursday, you can expect it to close at 1 AM. For Friday and Saturday, it will stay open till 2 AM. If you find you are getting late night munchies, you can get some awesome appetizers such as cheeseburger egg rolls, nachos, spinach and artichoke dip or mozzarella sticks.

If you are very hungry, you can get the 2 for $20 special. This special allows you to get two entrees and one appetizer for twenty bucks! That is a monster deal for a monster appetite as you can some big dishes such as a sirloin stir fry, chicken tenders basket, fiesta lime chicken, or the American standard along with some boneless wings, mozzarella sticks, two side salads or onion rings. You can also get your food to go as many Applebees now have the Carside-To-Go option which will allow you to get back to your family if no-one is in the mood to head out.

If you are thirsty, they have their own signature refreshments along with a wide assortment of beers ranging from craft beers and imports, interesting cocktails such as Not Your Father’s Adult Root Beer float, margaritas and sangrias.


What Time Does Applebees Open ?
What Time Does Applebees Close ?

You can go and just hang out if you feel like being social and enjoy the chill atmosphere of a neighborhood grill. You can get your grub and drink on for a very modest price. Just remember, on Sundays, you will have to close up that tab a little early as many Applebees close at 12:30 AM.

Applebees hours are usually starting at 10:30 am and closes at 1 am Monday to Thursday, however you might come across applebees locations that close an hour early at 12 am. On Fridays and Saturdays Applebees hours are longer starting from 10:30 am and ending at 2 am, but you will also find locations that close at midnight on weekends as well.

On Sundays, Applebees hours are 11 am to 12:30 am, and there are other locations that close at midnight.

Last updated: August 18th, 2020
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