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Could Apple Soon Be Offering Device Upgrades For iPad 4

Apple Could Soon be Offering Device Upgrades for iPad 4’s Needing Repairs

According to recent reports, customers stepping into an Apple Store for repairs for their iPad could end up walking away with an upgraded model – providing you meet the specific requirements.

It is believed that any customer seeking repairs for the fourth-generation iPad, which first launched in 2012, could be in for an incredible treat next time they visit their local Apple Store, enjoying a full upgrade for the same rate as a standard repair.

This would be down to the fact that the iPad 4, the first to tout a retina display feature, has ceased production. So, those with an iPad 4 will not be able to receive any kind of repairs, in which case Apple will offer a fully restored iPad Air 2 as a replacement for the same price as a repair.

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So, for as little as $99 in repair fees, you could end up walking away with an iPad that comes with a host of upgraded features.

It’s worth noting that this is currently just a rumour that emerged after a supposed staff memo from Apple was leaked online. The memo reportedly instructs employees at Apple Stores to explain to customers seeking repairs for an iPad 4 that they qualify for a free replacement model, which will be available in several colors, including silver and gold.

Still, should it be true it would be welcome upgrade for any iPad owners, with the iPad Air 2 first debuting in 2014.

It comes with a host of additional features when compared to the older iPad 4, including improved processing power, better front and rear cameras, a new touch ID fingerprint scanner, and new slimline design.

Better still, those with a 16GB or 64GB iPad 4 that requires repairs could stand to get even more space on their replacement model, as any replacement iPad Air 2 model is only available in 32GB and 128GB models.

This would certainly be a welcome surprise for anyone that was expecting to get repairs to their current iPad, as they very well could end up walking out with a much better model!

Funnily enough, the iPad Air 2 recently ceased production itself, but given it was a more recent model that was manufactured in large numbers for over two years, there will likely be a large stockpile on hand.

While the truth of these reports remains to be seen, there’s certainly plenty of evidence to support it, namely the fact that the iPad 4 has long been discontinued so would therefore be hard to repair, especially as stockpiles continue to decrease without any prospect of being replenished.

Anyone with this model that has an AppleCare warranty would still qualify for repairs, and if these cannot be provided then Apple, they could be offering an upgraded model instead!

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