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5 Tips for Finding a Partner Who’s an Anime Fan Like You

Anime has millions of fans around the world, yet sometimes an average anime fan feels alone. Most guys who are into anime can talk about it with a couple of close friends and no one else. Some people still think anime is Asian garbage, but those people can’t see the beauty in Japanese animated art. So how can one find a partner for a romantic relationship who loves anime with so much prejudice surrounding the genre? It might seem difficult, but these 5 tips will make the whole process less painful. 

Use Online Dating to Connect with Many Single Anime Fans Quickly

Anime fans use online dating the same as everybody else. But one difference is, they usually aren’t open about their love for anime. Other people will proudly say they like football or watching horror movies, but not many singles openly speak about animated art from Japan. That’s a rookie mistake because dating sites for anime fans are full of fellow anime experts looking for someone courageous enough to include anime in their profile description. Some anime dating sites even allow members to send the same message to many members simultaneously. Browsing profiles for some time and then cold messaging attractive singles brings many dates to thousands of people worldwide. Just don’t forget to mention you’re into Japanese animated TV shows. That helps with meeting someone who’ll binge watch Naruto with you.

Organize an Anime Marathon with One Simple Rule

This one takes more effort than meeting anime fans on dating sites, but it works. Every anime fan has a couple of friends who are into anime. Each of those friends has some friends who like anime too. Or they’ve heard about it, so now they want to give it a try.

Organizing anime night for the crew is great for meeting new anime fans, but the night must have one rule. Everyone invited has to bring at least one single (potential) anime fan. That will create a fun environment full of sparks because singles will start communicating immediately. No one will get married there and then, but some will feel the chemistry and exchange contacts. Something similar is very common in Japanese dating culture. It works perfectly, so why wouldn’t it work for you?

Try to Be in Decent Physical Shape

Yes, a beautiful soul beats a beautiful body every time. But to be able to show their souls, singles have to be attractive because looks grab attention. Not everybody has to look like a movie star, but being in decent shape helps a lot. Not just with looks but with self-esteem as well. It’s easy to approach singles (online or offline) when you know your body looks good, and it’s healthy. Those who hate every kind of sport can combine healthy ketogenic foods with mild exercise. Of course, results would come much sooner if a healthy diet is combined with serious training, but not everyone likes spending time in the gym. However, anime fans are often martial art fans, so starting a journey in martial arts can kill all the birds with one rock. They look better, feel better, learn new skills, and adapt to the bushido mindset.

Attend Anime Events in Your Area

Anime events are great for meeting potential partners because everybody there is into anime. The tricky part is finding out who’s single. But going to any anime event alone or with friends can’t hurt love-seekers. If they manage to meet matches for dates, that mission will be successful. If not, it will still be all right because they’ll have fun. There is always the next event, or they can try online.

Don’t Hide Your Love Towards Anime

Some anime fans, a lot of them, still don’t talk about their love for anime. The reason for that is a lack of confidence. Confident people say things they think; they don’t mind talking about the things they like. Why? Because they’re aware of themselves and their value, they don’t care if someone will think they’re this or that. Anime fans with low self-esteem have to start talking about anime openly. They’ll be surprised by other people’s responses and maybe even find love quickly.

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