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5 Tips for a Chubby Girl to Start Dating

If you're overweight and trying to commence dating, it should not be exceedingly more challenging for yourself than it is for anyone else. Even so, it might be a little bit harder or at least more complex, so you have to be prepared.

We've composed five tips to help chubby girls start dating and not forget who they are or try to transform themselves for the wrong reasons.

1.  Silence the part inside you that says you're not good enough

We all possess that small voice inside our head to have opinions about everything but mostly about ourselves and how we're never good enough. Since you've presumably been body shamed for a prolonged time already, you mustn't shame yourself too.

You must silence the voice in your head which states that you're too fat, too ugly, and not good enough and do it anyway.

2.  Unapologetically be yourself

You will be tempted when you go on dates or meet with friends to eat less, pretend you're someone else, lie about being more active than you are, and that you've already joined the gym.

You don't have to justify why your body is any particular form or why you don't desire to diet or can't, not even why you don't own a gym membership.

You can be healthy and fit and still curvy; you can take breaks from dieting and do whatever you want. You don't have to explain anything to anyone. And when you go out, you can get whatever you desire and make no apologies about it.

3.  Don't hide who you truly are online

The easiest way for a chubby girl to start dating is to move from offline to online. But there is a catch with online dating too. Don't only post photos that show you from the shoulders up and hide your body. Don't try to pick the best angle or hide behind people.

It's quite obvious from an onenightfriend.com review that one doesn't have to strictly join only websites that are 100% targeted on BBW. Before being a big beautiful woman, you are first a woman. And that's the main thing you should remember entering any online service.

Show your true self on social media and dating apps precisely as you would offline because you have much better chances of landing a partner by being yourself. Online dating apps are perfect for chubby women: as online men are not afraid to go after the women, they genuinely want and forget about stupid social constructs that dictate that slimmer is better.

The algorithms on dating apps will have a better chance of working and giving you your best mate if you're entirely honest and create a profile that represents who you are.

4.  Date who you want

On any dating service and in real life, you must realize that you are not required to date someone because they fancy you; you necessitate to date who you desire to date. Simply because you have some weight doesn't signify that you're any less deserving of love and that you don't get a pick.

5.  Be able to tell the difference between attraction and fetish

Retain that while some will be genuinely attracted to you for who you are and what you look like, there will be some who have a fat fetish and aren't interested in you as a person. Stay away from fetishists as they do not care about your health and will do anything in their power to get you fatter and chain you to them.


Being overweight is not and should not be treated as a personality trait. It does not define who you are and what you're worth. Simply because you're chubby doesn't mean you have to settle. You are worthy of love.

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