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5 dating tips for Christians

In modern society phrases like, ‘hooking up’ and ‘hanging out’ are typically used to describe dating. But are these ways in which Christians should approach dating?

You are not alone

Dating can alienate certain groups because of the different approaches taken by various groups of people. Whatever stance you take, you are not alone. Christians generally share the same values even if their commitment to Christ is on a different level. Should Christians be more like the rest of the world when it comes to this area of their lives? It’s getting harder to search for a partner who shares your faith, and since modernity and technology are made by God just like anything else, why not implement them into your life? Deciding which Christian dating sites to use should become your primary question instead of “why should I look for a partner online,” as it is perfectly acceptable and can lead to marriage as successful as between a couple that met in a church. These platforms have grown in popularity in recent years and have helped many single Christians find partners with so much in common other than their love for our Lord. Here are some tips to consider for Christians who want to pursue dating;

Tip one: Find a fellow Christian

Giving, taking, and even talking about dating advice for Christians can be a difficult topic as people that have been Christened can have various levels of commitment to our Lord. A very basic and seemingly obvious piece of advice would be to date somebody of faith. In an ideal world, their level of belief and commitment to Jesus Christ will match your own. Too much of a gap either way from either partner can lead to disagreements and compatibility issues further down the line. If you are on the same page from a religious perspective, you have a stronger chance than most.

Tip two: Pray together

Things like speed dating are hard to compare to traditional matchmaking between faithful Christians, as they contrast a little. Christians prefer to get to know the person properly in order to judge their partner’s spirit, amongst other things. Speed dating is far too quick-fire and can almost come across as a token gesture rather than anything with proper intentions. Christians prefer to pray together and bond in a church or at home whilst sharing a message to the Lord instead of trying to sell themselves in 90 seconds of self-bragging in front of a stranger they’ll likely never see or speak to again.

Tip three: Equality and balance

Similarly to being on the same religious level, your hopes and aspirations should also match. Try to date somebody who shares a similar intellect, political views and has clear and achievable career and life goals, filters at online dating sites for Christians can help to find them. These values are important to all Christians, and your partner should fit the profile of what standards you expect, as should you for them.

Tip four: Temptation and boundaries

The world is full of temptation, and when you bond with someone spiritually and emotionally, it becomes increasingly difficult not to share with each other physically. To resist the temptation of sexual thoughts by not acting on them and showing powers of restraint shows great respect for yourself and your Christian date. At an appropriate time in the dating relationship, have a mature Christian discussion about certain boundaries that you can both agree on until you get married. Talking about your feelings and frustrations together by sharing the hardship in an online dating chat can often help Christian couples during their dating period. Don’t be a closed book when it comes to matters of physicality, be open and honest is crucial.

Tip five: Seek help

The Lord will guide you into the arms of the right partner when he sees fit. Do not rush things, do not settle for something that your gut tells you is not right. Have faith in God’s plan for you and your soul-mate, even if it takes a while for you to be united. Seeking assistance and help with an understanding of the processes and your life plan set out by God is vital. Do not be ashamed to pray every night for more strength and guidance, but don’t forget to check your page at the right dating sites until you meet your chosen sweetheart.

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